Here are some popular and frequently-asked-for links and resources to help you with your accounting and personal finance decision-making.


Personal Tax Questionnaire

Filling in this form can help you reduce how much you owe in taxes, and in turn, increase your chance of receiving a higher tax refund.


Self-Employment Worksheet

This income analysis worksheet generally applies to individuals who work primarily on contract but do not have a corporation.


Rental Income Worksheet

For those who are renting out property.


Canada Revenue Agency

This is the federal agency that administers tax laws for the Government of Canada.


BC Government

This is the provincial agency that administers tax laws for the provincial government.


Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

This is the Crown corporation responsible for housing regulation managed by the Government of Canada.


Foreign Exchange Rates

A currency converter offering an up-to-the-minute guide to the value of global currencies.


List of Registered Charities

A search tool for donors and charities in Canada used to find registered or revoked charities and their annual information returns.