If you’re running a professional services firm, we can simplify your day to day needs, and help improve your cash flow.


Our core services include: 

  • Assisting with taxation, bookkeeping and payroll, and providing bookkeeping training and software setup support for your team
  • Completing financial statements 
  • Completing CRA audits, objections and appeals
  • Preparing T3, T4 and T5 documents, commodity and excise taxes (GST/PST)
  • Planning for incorporation, partnerships and joint ventures
  • Adapting workers compensation board compliance requirements to your needs

We can also lead your team in the right direction with:

  • Practice cash flow benchmarking, overhead management and analyzing key performance indicators for professional services
  • Consulting on cash flow maximization to shareholders and developing share structures
  • Applying for and managing federal grant applications
  • Expanding services to new jurisdictions, and consulting on accounting and finance outsourcing 
  • Completing transaction and valuation advisories 
  • Planning for partner admissions, withdrawals and retirements, and succession

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With Evolve, I am confident that my all of my financial bases are covered and that I am taking advantage of professional opportunities to improve the financial results for my practice.
— Dr. Frances Emberly