For both Canadian and non-Canadian residents, including US residents, we can help with your personal tax returns and any CRA audits, objections and appeals. 


Our core services include: 

  • Personal tax planning for individuals and families in Canada
  • Completing US and non-resident tax returns
  • Preparing tax elections and voluntary disclosures
  • Preparing clearance certificates for non-residents
  • Completing CRA audits, objections and appeals

Additionally, we can provide you help with:

  • Retirement and estate planning
  • Investment tax planning
  • Rental property tax planning
  • Immigration / Emigration planning

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Deciphering my US tax obligations has been a huge headache. Fifteen minutes with Evolve’s US expert, Mike Hopkinson, gave me more answers and peace of mind than I had found in the several months preceding. He spoke plainly, asked the right questions, and made sure all of my concerns were handled.
— Jeremy Lim