In creating a new business or cashing out your hard-won assets, it’s important to have all of the details covered. We can assess future streams of income so that you know you’re making the right deal.

Our core services include: 

  • Assessing and preparing financial reports
  • Computing depreciation and valuing inventories
  • Examining assets and services required by the business 
  • Evaluating capital sources, debts, and securities
  • Advice on corporate structure
  • Advice on calculating a fair purchase or sale price
  • Due diligence services on business to be purchased

We can also lead your team in the right direction with:

  • Ensuring that pensions and human resource risks are assessed
  • Risk management planning for transfer of assets
  • Advice to sellers on sale of asset versus sale of share decisions
  • Assistance with post closing and transition matters
  • Structuring debt and equity financing
  • Cash flow benchmarking, overhead management and analyzing key performance indicators for growth
  • Expanding services to new jurisdictions, and consulting on accounting and finance outsourcing

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My newest business investment process was becoming very complex, and I called in Evolve to make sure I was on the right page. My instincts were right, and so was the plan that Evolve came up with to manage the process.
— Dan Chang, BusinessLead Services